About Culture Lab

Meet the team

Jacques & Amy

How CultureLab was born

We are Jacques & Amy. Hell yeah, we’re married now. We brew Kombucha and tinker about with a few other ferments. 

Five years ago Amy introduced me to kombucha. And after an arrogant first sip, I declared that we’re going to make this stuff, only better! If only it was that easy but hey, we got to try. 

So in 2017 we registered CultureLab Kombucha and defined three simple goals. 

  1. Make a great product. 
  2. Be responsible.
  3. Be useful.

How we brew kombucha 

It turned out that making a great product takes a bit of time. Along the way, we made lots of mistakes, expensive ones. Each mistake brought valuable insights and helped us shape the brewing techniques we use today. We slow brew our kombucha, taking between 60 to 90 days to get the result we want. The result is a premium unique brew, characterized by a full-body ferment and punchy flavor. 

We started selling Culture Lab Kombucha in the Cederberg to an incredible community of rock climbers. Through this business, we got to know the surrounding mountainous community who now produce all our natural flavorings from local botanicals. We even do business with a subsistence farmer from the remote Heuningvlei village. He delivers our Buchu and Rooibos extracts by donkey cart. BTW his stuff is ‘the business‘. Try it!

Environmental responsibility

We try to do our bit so of course we only bottle in dark glass but we thought to add a permanent screen printed label to maximize the upscale and refill potential of each bottle – if you return it, we will re-use it. We try to stay the f*ck away from everything plastic. Every turtle counts. But seriously our planet is dying and we’re responsible. Best we at CultureLab act like it. 

How it is going

Now we hate to brag but we did pick up the first prize for Best Emerging Business in the Western Cape Entrepreneurial Recognition awards in 2019 and another first prize in the CfERI SMME awards in 2020. Several websites claimed that no About Us page is complete without stating these achievements so there I did it. Moving on.

The last four years of business has been an incredible experience. By owning our own business we have been exposed to a wide variety of people and new skills. Every day is a challenge and each challenge brings its own unique opportunity and reward.  We mostly enjoy the hustle and we are grateful to everybody who has supported us this far. We have big plans to achieve our big dreams and we’re extremely excited for the future.

We strive to be useful along the way by getting involved in the community around us. We support NGOs, athletes, creatives and other people and organizations who are trying to reach their dreams. There is endless inspiration in the people around us. 

About Kombucha

The origin of Kombucha is ancient and the survival of the art and the ‘revival’ of its use are clear indications of the benefits enjoyed by its consumers.

There are vast amounts of information on the properties of kombucha and the benefits that come from the fermentation process of brewing Kombucha. We encourage anyone with an interest in the ferment to research it and get hooked as we did. 

We hope you enjoy our brew as much as we do!

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